Trail Use Rules


Here are some basic trail rules / etiquette:

  1. Stay on trails.
  2. Yield to hikers, equestrians and all traffic going up-hill and be prepared to stop at any time.
  3. Speed limit on trail is 15 mph in national, state parks and MRCA land. There is no limit in National forest but you have to manage your speed. Keep in mind that you are not alone on the trail and that you might have to stop at any time.
  4. Don’t wear ear phones in both ears. You must be aware of your surroundings and able to hear what is happening. It’s also illegal
  5. Do not litter.
  6. No fire of any kind or fire work and no smoking
  7. Be nice to others trail users. “Hello” and a smile can change everything.
  8. Do not skid. It looks fun to do but it scares people that think you lost control of your bike and do some damages to the trail.
  9. Wear a bell. The bell will announce your presence on the trail and helps avoid surprising and upsetting other users. Same for animals.
  10. Stop for horses, greet the rider, and wait until s/he tells you it is OK to pass. Horses can behave unpredictably when spooked by a bike, putting both you and the rider in danger. Speaking to the rider lets the horse know you are human and not a predator.
  11. Be very careful in blind turns.

IMBA Rules of the Trail