Road Cycling


What our clients are saying about the Crazy Bear Bikes service:

Thank you for the service for our [century ride] from Orange County to San Diego.  I am absolutely impressed with
the services that Xavier provided us for our EPIC adventure. Xavier was very friendly, sociable, and responsive. He really
took care of us and our needs. Xavier was so critical to our success keeping us informed, refreshed, replenished,
hydrated, and injury-free. We were a motley crew of cycling experience, and somehow, Xavier was able to keep track of
the seven of us.

A first time challenge for most of us, he helped make this the most fantastic ride ever! We were apprehensive about the
ride, and Xavier was so supportive and encouraging. He kept track of us, our bikes and our gear, making it easy to focus
on the ride…. There were inclines, traffic, bumpy roads. We had to overcome fears, muscle weakness, burning quads and
chamois parts, separation from the group, mental and physical stress abound. Each time we met our mile marker goals
Xavier was there to keep us reinvigorated, nourished, and bikes maintained when needed for the next leg of the ride. It
was a major personal accomplishment for all of us and a valuable experience knowing we are able to complete an
ambitious task. He was very much a part of the experience and I am very so grateful that he was there to help us get to
the finish line and returned home safely for our first century ride. I know that I could not have done it without his help.

I recommend Crazy Bear for anyone who needs bike support on their cycling journeys.

-Faye J.